Sing again!

The time has finally come! After 16 months of restrictions, we are now permitted to sing again in church! This is a moment we have been longing for and a moment that our worship team have also been very excited about.

On Wednesday 21st of July we held our first Praise and Prayer meeting back in the church and the sound of voices singing was cherished by all present. It was an intimate time of praise and worship and God clearly spoke with an identical word coming at the same time yet separately through spontaneous worship and a word brought by Pastor Dave. The Holy Spirit clearly moved among us in a gentle way with an encouragement to draw near, to long after Him, an encouragement to draw closer, not forceful but a bekonning from the Father to His children gathered. There is power when we gather together and raise our voices in praise and give Jesus the worship and glory due His name!

Sunday 25th July was the first Sunday we have been able to sing together as a larger congregation and it was fantastic!

We have made the decision to continue wearing masks inside for now, but that won’t stop us singing!

Join us at CCC on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and become a part of the song!