Day of Prayer – March 2022

Following the delay of our previously booked 24hrs of prayer at CCC, we are pleased to have a new date for a slightly modified Day of Prayer for the Church family here at Christchurch Christian Centre.

Due to Covid concerns and Pastor Dave’s absence we will now be holding a 12hr Day of Prayer off site with 1hour slots available from 8 a.m until 8 p.m. on Saturday 5th March. Instead of praying in the building, you can set aside some time in a place that you find suitable for prayer, perhaps alone in your home or perhaps with a friend at theirs during the timeframe you have committed to.

As we fill up the 12 hour slots, even with some of us choosing the same time as others, we will be united in our praying towards some specific areas of the church ministry and our town throughout the whole day!

The sign up sheet will be available on the platform at Church from Sunday 6th February.