Restoration and History

Brief History

Christchurch Christian Centre (Formerly known as Millhams Street Elim Church), Christchurch is situated on the outskirts of Bournemouth and the New Forest.

The first church on this site was built in the 1600’s and the present building was erected in 1867 and is now a Grade II listed building.

Until 1998 the building was used by the United Reformed Church, however, Elim purchased the property for £1. The nominal price was due to the poor condition that the building was in. For us (the new congregation), this was a mammoth restoration project.

We had moved on from a small overcrowded church building in Jumpers Road to this larger facility that also has a hall and five class rooms.

Before the restoration began

We knew from the outset the scale of what we had taken on. Many parts of the building had major damp problems, one of the side rooms had dry rot and plaster falling from the walls and ceiling, the roof was leaking in many places, the wiring was dangerous, the stone work was extremely weathered, there were broken panes of glass, and this is just to name a few of the problems!

Stone and Glass Condition

Kitchen & Toilet Facilities

When Elim purchased the building, the purchase only included the Main building, classrooms and the hall. The kitchen and toilet facilities that were attached to the end of the hall were sold by the URC as part of a separate sale of land adjacent to the hall. Therefore, shortly after we had moved in, these facilities were demolished and we installed two disabled toilets and a kitchenette at the back of the main sanctuary until such time as funds became available for new facilities. Eight years later and these facilities have now been erected along the back of the hall adjacent to Saxon Square. Plans of the new kitchen and toilets are shown below.