Who’s who

Here are the official responsibilities of each leader on the church session at CCC although our team are involved in many different departments within the church in support of the other department heads and group leaders.

To contact a specific department visit our contact page

Senior Pastor

Rev. David Sharpe

Senior Pastor here at CCC from 1st September 2016

Church Session

Rex Green

Church Secretary / Deacon (Leadership role)

Heather Rickman

Deacon (Leadership role)

Simon Marsh

Deacon (Leadership role)

Steven Dawe

Worship / Communications & Publicity / Deacon (Leadership role)

Background and History

Christchurch Christian Centre is located in the heart of Christchurch in Dorset, just 10 minutes from Bournemouth.

We are an Elim Pentecostal Church, and Christchurch Elim was originally founded in 1928 following an evangelistic campaign in the town. Not heard of Elim? Click here

We moved to our current facility in 1998 after many years at a smaller building in Jumpers Road, about one mile from the town centre. This is a testimony in itself, which you can read here if you like.

We have been greatly blessed with our facility, but the people are the Church and together we worship and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and our building is simply our central hub.

The church name is perfect for us with our central location, but let’s face it, it is a bit of a mouthful, so let’s stick with CCC from here onwards.

Our Location

It’s really easy to find CCC, although being down a side road we’re often missed. Here’s a tip for you, put your smartphone down, look up above the rooftops and you’ll see a church spire with a clock just behind Saxon Square. That’s us! For more specific information visit the contact us page.

Our church

Our members and leaders all have a real concern for others and this is clearly seen in the way we love and care for people and make time to build friendships, encourage others and provide support if needed. We love to welcome all people to our church, families, singles, young people, children, the elderly etc. and strive to show care towards members and visitors alike wherever we can. Church is about more than a one hour gathering on a Sunday, and you are welcome to come along and just observe or join in as much as you’re comfortable with.

Why not visit our New Here? Page for a list of answers to FAQ’s and some practical information just for you.

What it’s like at CCC

One challenge we do have is that our facility is a traditional church building with stained glass windows etc, however it could be easy to make certain assumptions about us from that. We do love and value some of the traditions and styles of the past, but we have moved on a lot and so has the inside of our facility. Let’s take our music and worship style as an example. We haven’t used hymn books, song sheets or the pipe organ for many years, in fact we have a band leading the worship and the instruments used are much more familiar such as keys, bass, guitar, drums etc and we enjoy a real mixture of contemporary and traditional songs with 21st Century audio and multi-media equipment to help us make it more engaging for you. Yes we’re online! It became necessary during the restoration process to remove much of the old decaying timber, so no pews we’re afraid, you’ll have to enjoy a comfortable seat instead (They did look lovely though).

Come and visit us some time. It would be great to see you.

What we believe

Visit the main Elim Website for full details

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We believe the purpose of Christchurch Christian Centre can be communicated using four
words: Proclaim, Heal, Transform and Build.