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      05-Nov-2017 'Chosen before creation - Ephesians 1:4-5' - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      22-Oct-2017 'Trophies of grace' - Pastor Marcus Bennett

      15-Oct-2017 'Willing people in the day of power' - Pastor Peter Hannam

      15-Oct-2017 'Every spiritual blessing - Ephesians 1:3' - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      08-Oct-2017 'We do not lose heart' - Pastor Peter Hannam

      01-Oct-2017 'The Fruit of the Spirit is joy' - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      01-Oct-2017 'Harvest Festival - Great is Thy Faithfulness' - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      24-Sep-2017 'Wandering in the wilderness or waging warfare' - Pastor Peter Hannam

      17-Sep-2017 'To the Saints - Ephesians 1:1' - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      17-Sep-2017 'The Fruit of the Spirit is love' - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      10-Sep-2017 'The Fruit of the Spirit is...' - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      10-Sep-2017 'Ephesians 1:1' - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      23-Jul-2017 'Encouragement - Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      21-May-2017 'You anoint my head with oil - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      21-May-2017 'Guest Speaker - Pastor Simon Foster

      14-May-2017 'Feeding the five thousand - Mark Hutton

      30-Apr-2017 'Your rod and Your staff - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      23-Apr-2017 'Growing Pains - Ruth Greed

      16-Apr-2017 'The resurrection - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      09-Apr-2017 'Even though I walk through the valley - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      09-Apr-2017 'Have you considered my servant Job - Mark Hutton

      02-Apr-2017 'For His name's sake - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      02-Apr-2017 'Be watchful - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      26-Mar-2017 'Under the shadow of His wings - Steve D

      26-Mar-2017 'Mother's Day | Taste and See - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      19-Mar-2017 'Love - Matthew T

      19-Mar-2017 'Forgiveness - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      12-Mar-2017 'Walking in the Holy Spirit - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      05-Mar-2017 'Paths of righteousness - Pastor Dave Sharpe

      05-Mar-2017 'Words of eternal life - Pastor Malcolm Hathaway

      26-Feb-2017 'Draw near' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      19-Feb-2017 'Lord of the breakthrough' by Pastor Peter Hannam

      12-Feb-2017 'Magnificent hope' by Peter Kingston

      12-Feb-2017 'It's by grace' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      05-Feb-2017 'He restores my soul' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      05-Feb-2017 'By grace through faith' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      29-Jan-2017 'A Simple Gospel' by Mark Hutton

      29-Jan-2017 'In it together' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      02-Jan-2017 'God's Perfect Timing' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      11-Dec-2016 'Faith and Assurance' by Mark Hutton

      04-Dec-2016 'In Green Pastures' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      04-Dec-2016 'Experience God's Love' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      27-Nov-2016 'One Body' by Mark Hutton

      20-Nov-2016 'Blessed' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      20-Nov-2016 'Katartizo Supply' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      13-Nov-2016 'I shall not want' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      13-Nov-2016 'Katartizo Unity' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      06-Nov-2016 'Katartizo Restore' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      30-Oct-2016 'The Lord's my Shepherd' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      23-Oct-2016 'Empty Vessels' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      09-Oct-2016 'Romans 8:28' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      09-Oct-2016 'The humility of Jesus' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      02-Oct-2016 'Faith' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      25-Sep-2016 'Mending the nets' by Pastor Peter Hannam

      18-Sep-2016 'Abide in the vine' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      11-Sep-2016 'We need the Power' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      04-Sep-2016 'Planted by streams' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      04-Sep-2016 'Not by might' by Pastor Dave Sharpe

      12-Jun-2016 'I will pay my vows' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      10-Apr-2016 'Running the race - 1 Corinthians 9:19' by Pastor Dudley

      03-Apr-2016 'Faith' by Matthew T

      03-Apr-2016 'Exhausted yet pursuing' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      27-Mar-2016 'Passionate about Jesus' by Steve D

      20-Mar-2016 'The bones shall live' by Mark H

      21-Feb-2016 'We need the Power of God' by Mark H

      07-Feb-2016 'God is our deliverer' by Mark H

      06-Dec-2015 '1 Corinthians 3' by Pastor Dudley

      06-Dec-2015 '1 Corinthians 1' by Pastor Dudley

      01-Feb-2015 'One Common Need' by Pastor Adam Lee

      25-Jan-2015 'Ten Things' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      03-Feb-2013 'Nehemiah part 5 of 5 Overcoming' by Ralph Winter-Smith

      27-Jan-2013 'Nehemiah part 4 of 5 'The need to do something about it' by Ralph Winter-Smith

      20-Jan-2013 'Nehemiah part 3 of 5 'Prayer' by Ralph Winter-Smith

      13-Jan-2013 'Nehemiah part 2 of 5 'Rebuilding the lowest parts of the wall' by Ralph Winter-Smith

      06-Jan-2013 'Nehemiah part 1 of 5 'Rebuilding the lowest parts of the wall' by Ralph Winter-Smith

      09-Dec-2012 'Are you neglecting your vineyard?' by Ralph Winter-Smith

      02-Dec-2012 'Breakthrough in prayer' by Ralph Winter-Smith

      02-Dec-2012 'The Spirit of the Lord is upon me' by Ralph Winter-Smith

      19-Nov-2012 'Persuading men' by Ralph Winter-Smith

      29-Oct-2012 'Goliath' by Mark H

      29-Oct-2012 'Name above every name' by Ralph Winter-Smith

      22-Oct-2012 'The prosperity Gospel by Peter K

      15-Oct-2012 'His plan is to bless you' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      08-Oct-2012 'Haggai 2 - Rebuilding the temple' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      17-Sep-2012 'I am with you' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      10-Sep-2012 'You will restore my life again' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      03-Sep-2012 'Returning to give thanks' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      03-Sep-2012 'A purse with holes' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      24-Oct-2011 'Jesus the coming King' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      12-Sep-2011 'God's business' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      05-Sep-2011 'Teachings from Deuteronomy' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith

      24-Aug-2010 'Jesus appeared because' by Pastor Ralph Winter-Smith


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