We know prayer is still relevant today!

We believe God answers prayer and together we seek Him for all aspects of church life, that His will may be done among us and that He will move powerfully by His Holy Spirit.  

We also invest time in prayer for individuals with differing needs within the church and the community whether these are family problems, financial / business / employment difficulties, health issues or anything else.  We believe God answers prayer, and we will therefore pray until we see the answers.

We see the prayer ministry in this church as a vital part of what we do here in Christchurch.  In addition to seeking Him in prayer during our main meetings, we also have an increasing number of prayer triplets developing and special prayer meetings for specific needs such as the suffering church in other nations, prayer for our nation and prayer for those in need of healing.

If you  are reading this and recognise that you personally have a difficulty of some kind that would benefit from prayer, then please CLICK HERE , send us an email and we will pray for your situation. Any prayer requests we receive using this button arrive with two individuals only and the content will only be disclosed to those involved in our prayer ministry unless you specify otherwise.

Testimony of answered prayer…

“I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day and had done for several years. After many failed attempts at giving up, I asked for prayer at Millhams Street Elim Church and the Pastor prayed for me. From that moment on I didn’t want to smoke and haven’t touched one since. I know Jesus heard and answered prayer and healed me from that addiction”.

SteveAddiction broken

After months with a chesty cough and other complications that led to many tests at the hospital, I responded to the offer of prayer for healing at CCC and within a couple of days it had completely gone ~ Dave


I had a bad back which was causing me trouble as I have a physical job. During a service one Sunday evening, the Pastor had a word from God that someone present in that meeting had a bad back, and that God wanted to heal them. I responded and went forward for prayer. Very quickly my back was free from all pain ~ Matt


“Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still.”  ~ E.M. Bounds

“You must go forward on your knees.”  ~ Hudson Taylor

Prayer programme at CCC


Wednesday’s (Weekly)

In this short prayer meeting we focus our prayer on daily life issues to support our members. In particular we seek God for daily bread both for the church and for those going out to work,  also including their workplace or the self-employed and their business activities in our prayers. We also pray for the children of the church as they prepare for their school day, the weekend services and any other urgent issues that we are aware of.

It’s a great way to start the day if you can manage the early start!

Prayer Gathering | 19:30-20:45

Wednesday evenings

This is our main prayer meeting of the week. We begin with a short time of worship followed by a time of prayer for various topics and needs inside and outside of the life of the church.

Please come and join us at the church as often as you can.

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Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Tuesday’s (Fortnightly / Varies)

This special prayer meeting was setup as we recognise the increasing needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who currently suffer greatly for their faith in Christ Jesus. We realise that for some of our members (especially the young children), the details of what persecuted Christians have to endure can be very upsetting and we felt it was appropriate to have a separate time of prayer for some topics. For those who are able to attend and have a burden to pray in this area, this is a great opportunity to find out what is happening and then pray together over the issues discussed.

Please check the Calendar to find out when these meetings are being held.